PACS Clinical Consultant

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Position Duties:

Ensure that all customers are provided with high quality care and attention throughout the sales and service process;

Independently assesses the customer’s level of comprehension to facilitate effective on-site training and optimal product operation, utilizing validated applications, protocols, and processes;

Provide clinical consultation and support to product development teams, product improvement teams, marketing, sales, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, external customers, and other functions or groups in the form of strategic clinical consultation; lead Clinicians, System Administrators, Technologists, Sonographers, and other professional staff members in the proper and efficient operation of PaxeraHealth products

Optimize image quality of PaxeraHealth Medical imaging products including, but not limited to, film-screen, Digital Diagnostic Imaging, hard copy printers, and soft copy displays by designing and executing the best image processing strategy based on physician preferences and departmental needs; interface directly with customers in senior level, as well as staff positions to appropriately assess and effectively communicate the customer’s experience;

Solicit feedback from customer and escalate where appropriate any concerns or additional sales opportunities to Sales, Field Service, Marketing, Engineering, and Product line management;

Make appropriate contacts within PaxeraHealth and at the customer site to coordinate each customer visit and or conference call; provide telephone support for customers, sales, and field service; provide on-going support to resolve application related and image quality concerns on both a product and system level

Provide and maintain documentation to support customer visits and consultation; provide additional education and consultation; maintain technical expertise on all PaxeraHealth product offerings and is knowledgeable of current industry trends and future technology directions

Identify opportunities to increase market share and growth by addressing the needs of internal and external customers;

Develop and monitor progress reports regarding service and improvements;

Maintain effective communication with Field Service, Sales, and other members of the PaxeraHealth team to foster effective problem resolution; participates with Sales and Marketing staffs to develop new products, services and sales/marketing strategies and reports any internal/external information and activities that may impact on customer satisfaction and/or PaxeraHealth’s future business activities.