Paxera Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) System

Paxera has developed a fully customizable PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System) solution built to automate workflow and increase productivity within your facility. Have the ability to streamline images and reports effortlessly. Our PACS system comes with a customizable viewer which gives you the ability to view current and prior studies simultaneously. Drag and drop any study a patient has had from the patient timeline for faster diagnosis and reporting. The worklist can be customized to your individual preferences. Add and remove certain attributes with a few clicks. Paxera PACS worklist reduces mouse mileage and clicks by having features like assigning a study at your fingertips.

Web Based Pacs PaxeraUltima Features
Web Based Pacs Streamline Workflow

Web-Based PACS:

PaxeraUltima is a powerful web-based PACS solution that integrates effortlessly into your workflow. Quickly assign studies to one person or a group for quality diagnosis. Our PACS solution offers live chat with the ability to see who else is online. Drag and drop studies to others in live chat for quick advice on any study. The study viewer is completely customizable to fit with how you work, not the other way around. The picture archiving and communication system has a variety of modalities such as mammography, cardiology, pathology and more. Learn more about how our web-based PACS solution will benefit your facility. Read more…

Veterinary PACS:

Our veterinary PACS solution is built to view, process, distribute and manage veterinary images with ease. PaxeraVet can import and export any media and comes equipped with pre-designed templates that are customizable which makes reporting a quick task. Any measurement created can be imported directly into reports. The PACS solution comes with a variety of measurement tools including Vertebral Heart Scoring. Read more about our versatile vet PACS. Read more…

Web Based Pacs
Web Based Pacs PaxeraUltima Share And Collaborate

Dental PACS:

Comprehensive 3D tools are offered in our Dental PACS solution, making surgeries and other dental procedures simple. FMX templates are predefined and customizable. Intraoral, panoramic and cephalomatric views are generated during examinations. Built in hanging protocols give you the option of viewing images on multiple monitors. The PACS solution also supports all DICOM modalities and features a full spectrum of diagnostic tools. Learn more about our dental PACS. Read more…

PACS for Teleradiology:

Our cloud-based Teleradiology PACS solution enables radiologists to view, access and interpret studies in real time. Replace downloading studies with streamlining studies in seconds, allowing you to make diagnoses faster without eliminating quality. Every study is saved in your archives as well as in the cloud which means you never have to worry about losing studies. Read more about how easy sharing studies with radiologists outside of your facility can be. Read more…

Web Based Pacs Highly Secure